November 2nd, 2005

Three years shy of 30 and still not grown up. I got similar items to when I was 25 actually. I’m a little less freaked out than I was at 24 but still not completely comfortable with the relentless ageing process.

My goals for the next year of life:

  1. Start running daily in the morning (Sony Ericsson W800i with solid state mp3 may help me achieve this).
  2. Buy some clothes more becomming of my age. You know the score, get to Next and get styled.
  3. Visit old friends and family more.
  4. Learn the importance of speaking to people on the phone.
  5. Discover other hobbies beside the pub. Encourage others to join me.
  6. Pay a visit to Alton Towers.
  7. See more live music.
  8. Say YES more.


6 Responses to “27”

  1. Guy Carberry

    I hope to add two more to round it up to a decent ten! Any ideas?

  2. Harry Deans

    9. See the Quo live

    10. Keep hair unil 30 (Seek Gramam Gooch for advice)

  3. Guy Carberry

    RE (Deans): 10 – no bloody chance. it’s coming out in lumps at the moment!

  4. Harry Deans

    So you’re agreeing that you need to the Quo.

    Finally you see sense

    Down Down deeper and down…

  5. Guy Carberry

    Pictures of matchstick men only!

    Incidentally did you know that Down Down deeper and Down was one of John Peel’s fave tracks of all time! Was in last weeks NME.

  6. Harry Deans

    Yes I did. That song kicked off John the evening session on John Peel day!