Buckingham Pub Crawl

November 28th, 2005

On the day that it was reported that George Best had finally succumbed to alcoholism, Deans, Shay and I ventured into Buckingham for a crawl round the the nine public houses in the Town centre.

Starting at the Grand Junction and Ending at the White Hart, our route was thus:

  1. The Grand Junction (1 drink, pool)
  2. The Woolpack (3 drinks)
  3. The Three Cups (1 drink)
  4. The Whale (1 drink)
  5. The Kings Head (1 drink)
  6. The Tudor (3 drinks, darts)
  7. The Swan and Castle (1 drink)
  8. The New Inn (1 drink)
  9. The White Hart (2 drinks)

I’m pretty sure that was the order we visited the pubs but I swear there were ten. We didn’t bother with the Mitre because it was freezing and it’s hardly ‘town centre’ anyway.

There is photographic evidence.

All in the aid of research for our up-coming Buckingham Pub Crawl website.


One Response to “Buckingham Pub Crawl”

  1. Shay

    Think the Whale is spelt with a H. Otherwise that sequence is how I remember and I had a headache all day Saturday…