January 25th, 2006

If someone wrote “papa needs a new pair of pumps. You want me, you pay me.” how would you interpret it? I think “Joe Clark needs cash”, whilst flippant, might just about do! The original link he’s referring to said the following:

Joe Clark needs cash – pay this talented man. He knows more about web accessibility than you do.

Which is not exactly a slight on his person. However his response may be indicative of why he has trouble being employed in his professional capacity.

I wouldn’t normally respond to something like this but I’m getting a few referrers from his site (which links to my homepage) and I guess people might have no idea what he’s going on about.

Whilst the title of the link may need revisiting as it’s apparently factually incorrect, I stand by the rest of the content.


4 Responses to “Misreading?”

  1. Joe Clark

    Since I complained about the title and not the posting, and you agree the title “may need revisiting,” we seem to have a consensus here. Now why not do something?

    Also, thanks for your airy speculation about what may or may not be “indicative.”

  2. Guy Carberry

    Because it’s in the past and nobody reads my account! But OK, I will change it.

    You are obviously very knowledgeable in the field of web accessibility. And I really appreciate your help and advise and many words of wisdom. However, the way you come across in your writing is quite negative. This persona may well be what puts people off paying you for your talent.

    A possibly relevant recent article on WhiteSpace?:

  3. Markus

    God forbid you should approach Joe after one of his preaching-to-the-converted speaking engagements and suggest that his “lone-but-nonetheless-more-expert-than-you’ll-ever-be voice against the worldwide ignorant” is anathemic to the whole notion of “accessibility”.

  4. Guy Carberry

    Learning difficulties and mental health disabilities are perhaps not of much interest to him as visual/hearing impairments. However you cannot get away from the bullying persona he adopts in social intercourse which im pretty sure is not representative of the real Joe Clark (but i can’t claim to know, having never met him). Nevertheless, he has had some very useful things to say and making his book available online is a truly charitable gesture.