Belle and Sebastian on The Music Show

February 1st, 2006

One of the great features of Sky Digital is the ability to choose between the regional variations of BBC programmes. I often switch from the default of BBC Oxford to BBC South in order to follow the more Southampton specific news offering.

Last night at 10pm I was treated to BBC Music Scotland’s The Music Show whilst the rest of the country had to endure Have I got News for You. Belle and Sebastian were the subject of this 30 minute special where they ran through a bunch of new tracks from their forthcoming new album “The Life Pursuit”.

The new material is very strong. I’m not too sure of the number occasional vocalist Stevie sang. As a general rule I prefer Stuart’s voice but Stevie’s songs usually grow on me eventually. “Wandering alone” and “Black and White United” from Storytelling have even become two of my favourite B&S songs over time.

The show had a 70s Old Grey Whistletest feel too it. Even the audience were dressed in tank-tops! I remember the band sending out a group e-mail referencing the TV show with a call to action for fans to turn up in 70s Brady bunch gear. Looks like it paid off.

B&S are certainly doing some good promo work in the lead up to the new album. They played a decent set on Radio 2 on Monday’s Mark Radcliffe Show. Stuart Murdoch also pronounced that the new Southampton-based Delays song “Valentine” is the best song of the last twelve months!

Anyhow, there’s a taster of a few B&S tracks from The Music Show on BBC Scotland so go and have a look.

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