Shall I buy a 12″ iBook?

April 6th, 2006

My Sony Vaio is giving a spectacularly low battery life these days – just about 40 minutes of web browsing. But that’s ok, I bought is as a desktop replacement and when plugged in, it works a treat.

However, my needs have changed. I need ultraportability. I need a small computer that i can throw into a backpack that isn’t going to cripple me and gives me at least a train journey’s worth of usage. I’ve looked around and found that if I’m to stick with Vaio i’m looking at about a grand and a half. A lot of readies for yet another Sony.

Whilst shopping around I came across the 12″ Apple iBook at a mere £699. A pretty low price for something made of bulletproof glass. I’m keen. I used to use an Apple Mac in my previous job and know my way around the system. For the last five years, my job has dictated that I use a PC but to be honest I’m happy in Mac OS, Windows and even some versions of Linux. I even considered the Nokia 770 internet tablet and various Palms but was put off by the lack of a keyboard. Same goes for the Sony PSP which also contains a pretty decent web browser but again, no keyboard.

The primary use of whatever I end up buying will be to surf the web wirelessly – update a site or two via WordPress or similar, buy stuff, read the news, check e-mail. I’m not going to be doing anything too special with it. As I say, my Vaio is perfectly good for that. So, can anybody assure me that this would be a good choice?