Eugenious at the OU

April 7th, 2006

Well here’s a weird thing. Today we had three buildings officially opened at the OU. Not only were they opened by our chancellor Baroness Betty Boothroyd but Eugene from Big Brother was filming the whole thing on his handycam. This sort of thing does not happen everyday at the OU!

The reason for Eugene’s presence? Well his dad has studied more OU courses than any other student (something like 60 of the things since the early 70s). And for having so much time on his hands we named a building after him. I give you – The Phillip Sully building (it’s the one on the right of this map that’s currently labelled “Green”.

OU staff being pretty highbrow characters didn’t know him from Adam. I however was dancing up and down going – look it’s Eugenious from Big Brother! Don’t you guys understand the gravity of this situation? Mint!