82% of students want a study programme

August 16th, 2006

2. What were your reasons for studying this particular course?
(Question unchanged in 2005 – students can give as many reasons as they choose)
As in 2004, the main reason in student’s decision to study the specific course was as part of a programme of study to achieve an OU qualification/award. (82%, compared to 85% in 2004) The other three factors were cited by fewer students: As preparation for study elsewhere – 2%, As a one-off course with no intention of future study – 4%, Aiming to take more OU courses but undecided on qualification/award – 12%.

There was a difference between new and continuing students who responded that they were studying as part of a programme of study: 65% of new undergraduate students gave this response compared to 86% of continuing students, and 81% of undergraduates overall. Although it is unsurprising that new students are more likely to be undecided, this is an important finding and represents a key point for advice and guidance. For post-graduate students, this response was given by 84% of new students, 97% of continuing students and 95% of postgraduates overall.

IET: Courses Surveyed in November 2005

87.7% of under 25s are on a programme of study…

Compared to 2% on a one-off course. So says the 2004 IET data.