Approved designs: Website banner ads

August 22nd, 2006


5.3 Typography recommendations

Good typography is based on function, format and purpose. Type should always be left-aligned and set in conventional sentence case (i.e. not all caps or all lower case).

Source: OU Brand Guidelines 5.3

…unless you’re the business school who due to the nature of their business must appear authorative and dominating. BUSINESS!!! GLASS CEILING, E-SOLUTIONS, DOWNSIZING, MOVE FORWARDS, INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY…

I think they’re the only exception to the rule though. Prove me wrong.

See more OU approved ‘on brand designs’ on the brand website.


4 Responses to “Approved designs: Website banner ads”

  1. Dan

    I’m a big fan of a lot of the new branding stuff appearing on the web, I think these are more good examples.

    How much ‘branding’ work is being done on the VLE?

  2. Guy Carberry

    David Winter is working on the VLE branding. I had a good meeting with him recently. He’s putting together some web guidelines and specifically looking at the designs for Moodle.

  3. Dan

    Indeed David is working on the design for my calendar project. It would be great if Moodle could be ‘tidied up’ to look more like our overall branding.

  4. Guy Carberry

    Im sure that David will be doing that. He’s got his head well screwed on. The current Moodle designs are (hopefully) not too representative of what they will become!