MP3 / OGG Player with AM and FM Radio

September 18th, 2006

aye-pal v1

* Not actual design. This is an early prototype design. But it will have all the features and be of the form you see.

I’m designing my own MP3 player because I simply cannot find a device that suits my requirements. Namely – an AM radio so I can listen to BBC Radio Five Live! Mine will have an integrated AM and FM player. It will display RDS info where available.

It will also come with absolutely no software. Users will simply plug in the device to a USB port, transfer folders and files using Windows Explorer, Mac OS finder or whatever Linux file manager they have. The device will then show folders and files as they are named as well as ID3 tag info.

Users will be able to play music in standard and shuffled mode. There will be a decent graphic equaliser that has excellent Bass reproduction. It goes without saying that the sound output will be amazing.

The player will also be a general USB storage device for users to store files of any type. The player will only display the mp3, WMA or Ogg files. It will work on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

The unit will have a standard headphone socket in the base. There will be a neckstrap attached to the USB lid. The device will be of the same size as a standard USB storage stick.

It will have a back-lit display and be chargeable via a usb port or a supplied AC adapter. A full charge of the lithium on battery will take one hour.

Users will be able to update the player’s firmware via a dedicated support website.

It will come in a range of colours and will be made from plastic and metal. It will be strong and durable. It will have a two year guarentee.

It will not have any means of recording – no internal mic, no line-in. No calendar or games or anything else.

It will have 2GB of Flash Drive storage.

It will be called the “Aye Pal”.

It will cost £80.