Walking and Drinking

November 19th, 2006

Stephen, Shay, Deans and I spent saturday morning enjoying the fresh autumnal air whilst walking around a six mile walk in Salcey Forest, near Milton Keynes. The ground was pretty muddy so we did well to bring our Gortex-enabled hiking boots. Well, that is except Stephen who was rambling around in an old pair of white Nike Airs which he managed to cover in dirty wet mud by the end of the two and a half hour trek through various pieces of farmland and shrubbery. I took some photos which you can see on Flickr.


On our return to Buckingham we embarked upon a mammoth ten-pub session starting at the Wheatsheaf in Maids Morten and terminating at the rowdy White Hart eight hours later. We were joined by Mike Hoddy in the Kings head and whilst Stephen departed for the promies of ladies in Banbury, we convinced Mike to join us for the rest of the crawl. Needless to say we consumed an unhealthy amount of alcohol – mostly beer with the odd shot for good measure. I took photos and videos. I try and get around to putting some clips up on youtube but for now you can see the pictures on Flickr.


Our root, should you choose to follow it, was this: 1. The Wheatsheaf, 2. The Buckingham Arms, 3. The Grand Junction, 4. The Kings Head, 5. The Whale Inn, 6. The Swan and Castle, 7. The Woolpack (where we also ate our dinner), 8. The New Inn, 9. The Three Cups, 10. The White Hart.

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7 Responses to “Walking and Drinking”

  1. Harry Deans

    Wow, you actually managed to find a picture with Shay smiling,

    “Shay just want’s have fun…..”

  2. Harry Deans

    and we joined by Hoddy in the Grand Junction.

  3. Shay

    I have also posted some pictures and a small film on youtube! I have no idea why I was so grumpy all night…..

  4. Guy

    Shay’s video is here:

    Shay’s photos are here:


  5. Shay

    Hello from the woolpack

  6. Shay

    by the way you have a broken link to El Turvo’s page. You spelt his url wrong.

  7. harry deans

    Hello all just came across your site my name is Harry Deans from and still leaving in Dublin. done a family tree a few years ago and i was brought to the borders of Scotland. just wondering have you any connection with Scotland.