Making My Stuff accessible and brand compliant

December 6th, 2006

…is no small task!


Big version

This retains the warmth from the yellow but feels a little washed out to me.

The limited colours available in the OU brand pallette really restrict the designs you can create if you need to be accessible. But I’ve been having a go.


Big version

This moves more into the red arena, away from the yellow. Shows that different faculties could have different schemes easily enough. However, again the limited colour pallette could scarper those plans!

By way of contrast, this next version isnt on brand. It uses drop-shadows, non brand colours (though they do use a brand base colour and complementary colours rather than neighbouring colours).

not on brand

Big version


Big version.

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One Response to “Making My Stuff accessible and brand compliant”

  1. Guy Carberry

    David Winter and I just met to discuss three new design styles – orange, red (brand compliant version) and red (enhanced version).

    * Very supportive of the red on-brand version
    * Agreed that the orange one was too washed out
    * The enhanced one perhaps had too many design florishes
    * Use OU red to get warmth
    * Beige supporting colour was liked
    * Box icon was liked
    * Avoid drop shadows on text
    * Downplay drop shadows on buttons
    * Considered a better layout than original design – well liked
    * Breadcrumbs consistent with moodle – liked

    Anything to add David?

    I think i can continue to work this design up – it also meets the accessibility requirements. We could concentrate on a single theme for the march release (as it is accessible from the off). By March, David and I should have done sufficient enough work on new brand colours for web that are both aesthetically pleasing and of OU brand essence to potentially offer differnet schemes for faculties (that tie in with their identity).