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December 8th, 2006

Here’s a first stab at a “new thing” screen for My Stuff. Please ignore the unofficial design at the top of the image!

new thing

Big version.

I click ‘add a new thing’ from my My Stuff homepage. I arrive at this screen. I can then quickly create something non specific using the form on the left hand side of the screen or select from some more specific types of thing on the right hand side of the screen – CV, learning log, art portfolio etc. Clicking on these takes mae to a more specific form page. It’ll be like this on but with more form fields to fill in. Note that this method removes any need for terminology like “new file, new folder’ or ‘new compilation’. Everything is just a new thing. The best way to enjoy this screen is whilst listening to Pink Floyd’s ‘Bike’.


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One Response to “My Stuff > New Thing”

  1. Guy Carberry

    What’s the chance of making it so that I can download anything as a PDF or webpage(s)? At the moment the spec says I can download ‘compilations’ but it would actually be really useful to enable this functionality across the board.