MyStuff power user interface

May 31st, 2007

Here’s a new wireframe for the power-user view of the MyStuff eportfolio, portfolio, system. This is the view that most users will probably want when they get bored of the ‘blog’ type view. It’s an intuitive and easy to use interface that follows windows explorer type conventions.

The wireframe.

power user 470

The wireframe with some notes.

power user with notes 470

And here are the notes again for those who find the tiny text a little small! – You find the stand MyStuff global nav (i stripped a lot of it out for my wireframe for clarity). Then you get a nice big button to create new stuff with a secondary link if you just want to upload a file. You find a “Search MyStuff” box and a table of stuff you’ve got in the system. You can filter this table by title, type and date. You can change the amount of items shown in the table and control the pagination (note the mistake on the previous / first page icons – they are the wrong war round!). You can select items from the table and then do things with then. This includes deleting, archiving, applying tags, adding to compilations and such like.


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