Learning with the OU – some designs

June 18th, 2007

Some new design ideas i’m working on for the Learning with the OU website.

We’ve been having some discussions about the type to suggest for headings in the online brand guidelines. A few people are keen on Trebuchet MS as it feels ‘on brand’ – possibly due to being ever so slightly like the Apex font used in OU print materials. Whilst I don’t think the font looks too good on the main OU site, I’ve played around with it a bit and think it’s just about acceptable like this despite conflicting with the body-copy Verdana.


being a student

planning studies

you've planned!

study folder

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2 Responses to “Learning with the OU – some designs”

  1. Stephen T

    Nice designs, Guy. Nice and clean; also good grid usage. Text within the block colours (first 3 screens) perhaps needs bringing down a touch to match the left margin.

  2. Guy Carberry

    See what you’re saying! I’ve aligned the text to the the undelying grid. I actually didn’t even notice the difference in the padding. But looking at it now, you are right! Did you notice that these designs have something even more peculiar? Can you see what it is?