MyStuff design iterations 20080815

August 15th, 2007


Today’s design iterations seek to fix some of the high-level information architecture issues. I’ve removed the ‘quicklinks’ toggle (for the time being) in order to free up some screen real estate for the breadcrumb/titles to breathe. The user should now have a much clearer idea of where he is within the system.

We have a completely new ‘about me’ which falls into line with the other spaces – certainly it’s less confused. The notion of a ‘Profile’ is still not clear but maybe in the next iteration or two this will be ironed out.

Creating a ‘new item’ loads a behemoth list of potential items to create but puts the non-space-related item types of ‘note’ and the various file uploads to the top of the list.

You can see the latest screens, as usual, on Flickr.

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