What I’m working on right now

November 22nd, 2007

Two rather big things are competing for my time at the moment:

  1. OUTEXTS – A pilot text message service to students. Students sign up for free text messages which alert them about upcoming assignment hand-in dates, exams and such like. I’ve developed the web support pages and well as coordinated with AACS and Student Services colleagues to get a pilot system up and running.
  2. OU Web Standards – Styles and standards for OU web sites. Includes principles and spec for HTML, CSS, Accessibility and Usability principles. Working with David Winter and a bunch of other chaps on getting some ‘OU furniture’ together to make building websites a bit more easy. Things like ‘what colour scheme / layout / navigations systems / typography / imagery would work well for my site’.

What about MyStuff?

I did a lot of visual design and user experience design for MyStuff but that’s as far as my involvement went. This work was passed over to coders and programmers to attempt to make sense of my doodles. Like the rest of you, I’m interested to see the final result!

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