Four weeks paternity leave, just the ticket

September 1st, 2008

I return to work today from a marathon four weeks off. Two of those weeks were official paternity leave and the final two were holiday bolted onto the end. Four weeks was just right for me. Helen and I have settled down into this parenthood lark and I’m comfortable leaving to get on with their day whilst I get back to work.

I wonder why were only get two weeks paternity leave in the UK? I’d certainly not be ready to go back to work after two weeks. Things were still scary and new at that point so I definitely made the right decision when I took the whole of August off. Time just flies though. I only feel like I’ve been off for a week!

And so we gear up for my least favourite part of the year. As the nights draw in, dark, cold SAD inducing winter will be upon us soon.  Maybe this year I’ll be too busy to notice.

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