Random ring tone

March 30th, 2009

Picture the scene. I’m sat in the open plan office and I get a text message. My message alert sounds. Everybody laughs as the 70s Open University motif from the BBC trills through the tiny but impressively loud speaker of my Nokia e51.

As the day progresses I receive a number of other messages at fairly regular intervals. I reply, prompting the message originator to reply back. Message tennis ensues.

My colleagues grow weary of the once-amusing tune. I start to get a bit embarrassed. What to do? I could silence the phone but wouldn’t it be cool if the phone could select a message tone at random for each incoming message? Me and my colleagues would be treated to a selection of incredibly slick and retro themes to bring a smile and lighten up the day.

I realise I can assign different tones to different contacts in my address book but what I’d really like is a random tone per incoming message regardless of sender.

I’ve found a product called Best RandomRingtone which appears to do what I want but I’m not sure it will extend to message alerts too. I’ve not yet managed to shell out the $6.95 to find out. The lack of customer reviews or the fact that my phone isn’t listed may be putting me off.

Am I alone in thinking such a feature would be rather nice? Is there are product out there that will do what I’d like on a Symbian s60 phone? Do let me know.

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