Moved hosts, redesigning

February 23rd, 2011

Something broke on my old design when I moved web host so I decided to give a live redesign a go. Things will be a bit sparse round here until I get my house in order.

To do

  1. Reset browser default margins and padding
  2. Fix the typography and grid
  3. Replace classes with WAI-ARIA roles where relevant
  4. Add CSS attribute selectors to target role attributes
  5. Add rel attributes to navigational elements
  6. Add code, blockquote, list, table and form styles
  7. Mobile style sheet
  8. meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width; initial-scale=1″
  9. Add an apple-touch-icon
  10. Print style sheet
  11. Colour scheme
  12. Nav highlights
  13. Convert a div to a nav
  14. Related link navigation
  15. Previous / next post navigation
  16. Comments style
  17. New favicon
  18. Check colour contrast
  19. Improve contact page
  20. Improve search page
  21. Improve about page
  22. Improve footer
  23. Add more microformats
  24. Add footer elements to articles
  25. Add subtle jQuery and CSS3 effects
  26. Add some Easter eggs
  27. Improve the “read the rest of this entry” link
  28. Browser check
  29. Code check
  30. Add a style switcher for various design approaches
  31. Remove redundant WordPress code
  32. Make CSS files nice and pretty and readable
  33. Create a more exciting 404 page
  34. Write some decent content