March 23rd, 2005

About this site

Guy CarberryThis is the personal website of Guy Carberry. It’s been live since December 1999. It was initially hand-rolled, now it is powered by the amazing open-source content management system, WordPress. I hope to complete the design someday when I’m less busy working, keeping fit and having a social life. So, probably never!

About me

My name is Guy Carberry and this is my personal website. I am a web developer with a keen interest in usability, HCI (Human Computer Interaction), information architecture and accessibility. I am currently employed by The Open University, UK. I was previously employed by Johnston Press PLC and was responsible for the design and development of nine regional newspaper websites. I have also worked on various freelance projects.

My social networks

I’m on a bunch of others too. Simply search for “guyweb”, my usual screen name.


You can see some of my designs on Picasaweb and Flickr.

Contact me

Find out how on my Google profile (most reliable method) or use this rather funky contact form.