DOS lives!

October 1st, 2004

And so my search for a decent DOS emulator comes to an end. DOSBox enables you to run old DOS games from your PC, Mac or whatever you want really. Not only that but there’s a huge repository of classic DOS games available to download for free from So here’s to many more hours […]

Top trumps

March 2nd, 2004

Probably the most fun you can have for a couple of quid: Top Trumps remind me of some great times in my youth. I had loads of sets: Monster Trucks, Trains, Planes, cars, Marvel comic heroes and more. What did you have and have you still got them? Colud you beat Gareth from The Office? […]

Let me take a ride on your C64

November 28th, 2002

These winter months always leave me feeling nostalgic for my miss-spent youth. How pleased was I to find Very. Relive classic 80s computer games such as Hunchback, Outrun, Afterburner, Rick Dangerous, Bruce Lee and Dizzy using a simple C64 emulator. I’m hooked.