Nokia e70

October 30th, 2006

I want this phone. In black. But you just can’t lay your hands on one in the UK! Stephen managed to get one from a contact to play with and it really is quite something. I also put some photos of it on Flickr.

What is ambient technology?

April 27th, 2006

The Open University is demolishing the old Library to a make way for a new “Ambient Technology” building. Yet nobody seems to know what ambient technology is. DO you? The best I can find out is: Ambient technologies are increasingly being proposed to develop environments to support the creative process, such as in participatory design. […]

Catching up

June 2nd, 2005

After many years of procrastinating and using OU bandwidth I’ve finally signed up for a supa-fast 2mbps broadband service. It’s gonna cost me £20 a month but Stephen is paying that for 512kbps so it can’t be bad. Once it’s all installed I will finally be able to give this site a design and spring-clean. […]

Sony Vaio ‘K’ series laptop

April 1st, 2005

As my old, grey 400mhz Celeron desktop seems to be grinding ever closer to obsoletion I’ve finally bitten the bullet and decided to upgrade to something more befitting of somebody in my profession. I’m now the ‘proud’ owner of a funky ‘K’ series Sony Vaio laptop resplendent with DVD playing and burning facilities – a […]