Mr Soft – Softmints Advert

April 14th, 2007

Remember this one?

Eugenious at the OU

April 7th, 2006

Well here’s a weird thing. Today we had three buildings officially opened at the OU. Not only were they opened by our chancellor Baroness Betty Boothroyd but Eugene from Big Brother was filming the whole thing on his handycam. This sort of thing does not happen everyday at the OU! The reason for Eugene’s presence? […]

Goodbye Sky, Hello Freeview

April 4th, 2006

After happily receiving Sky digital for the last five years my digibox packed in. Not a bad innings considering most electrical appliances are designed to last for a very small time these days. Helps the economy apparently. Anyway, rather than paying Sky £69 to send out an engineer to replace some burnt out resistors, I […]

Belle and Sebastian on The Music Show

February 1st, 2006

One of the great features of Sky Digital is the ability to choose between the regional variations of BBC programmes. I often switch from the default of BBC Oxford to BBC South in order to follow the more Southampton specific news offering. Last night at 10pm I was treated to BBC Music Scotland’s The Music […]

Grant Mitchell take a beating from his wife

November 3rd, 2005

Ross Kemp was viciously attacked by his wife. This is unbelievable. His wife edits the News of The World.

Big brother – evilest yet

June 30th, 2005

The contestants taking part in this year’s Big Brother are without doubt the most evil, self-serving dregs of society. This makes for fantastically compelling viewing but you get the feeling that none of these people are particularly well-liked in the wider world. The new guy, Eugene, may be a bit of a nerd but at […]

Pink Floyd to reform

June 13th, 2005

According to the BBC, Pink Floyd are to reunite their classic lineup of Roger Waters, Nick Mason, David Gilmore and Rick Wright. They’ll reform for the live8 show in Hyde Park next month. This is great news and I’m now kicking myself that I didn’t txt for a ticket. Pink Floyd were one of my […]

Is Gary Rhodes evil?

April 19th, 2005

Gary Rhodes is one of two chefs tutoring a bunch of non-celeb hopfuls in the lastest session of ITV’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen‘. The previous series featured Gordan Ramsey whose rough no-holds-barred treatment of the wannabe chefs was a ratings winner. Last night the normally calm Rhodes attempted to shed his mr. nice guy image by depening […]

Nip/Tuck getting weirder

April 4th, 2005

Is it just me or are the storylines on Sky One’s “Nip/Tuck” getting weirder and weirder as series (season) 2 progresses? Last nights episode was particularly odd as Sean McNamara discovered that his best mate and co-surgeon Christian Troy was actually the father of his son Matt. To pay him back for sleeping with his […]

Who killed Kirsty MacColl?

September 24th, 2004

Must see TV for tonight: Who Killed Kirsty MacColl? – a BBC4 documentary on possibly the best English singer-songwriter of all time. I’ve always been a huge fan and as long as I can locate the little bijou that is BBC4 amongst the sea of crap on my Sky digibox I shall be watching.