High Jinks at Alton Towers

October 28th, 2002

Ralf and Jacquie came up to visit us here in Milton Keynes, bringing with them a pleasant touch of Southampton. Yesterday we went to Alton Towers and experienced the truly exceptional new ride ‘Air’ which really does give you the sensation of flying. Unfortunately we didn’t managed to get on the halloween maze but has two goes on Oblivion and one on Nemesis as well as the rip saw and Enterprise. Splendid fun all round. It has to be our Oblivion cart that broke down though – right at the top, thus extending the anticipatory drop by at least ten minutes. It was damn cold and the wind was just starting to pick up.

Today, the wind is tearing down trees. Yet we still managed to venture out to show Ralf and Jacquie the infamous Milton Keynes concrete cows before a full fat feast at Nandos followed by bowling.

Tomorrow Milton Keynes becomes a total pay and display area. Pity those who work in retail in the centre who have to pay £180 a year in order to park to do their job. This £180 doesn’t even guarantee a parking place. I just shake my head..

Soon I will be updating this site during the day. I’m at my most creative whilst their is daylight. Movable Type content management enables this. I still worship the ground beneath this amazing, free set of CGI scripts. Until I’ve found the time to customize the templates, you can find the daily blog here (

Zeldman has changed the design of his site from the painful red/black combination to the more warming green/white scheme that he’s been using on his exit gallery for years. We like it this way.

The designer behind Wired’s revamp has the best looking site I’ve seen in ages. Stop Design is a wonder of CSS based web design that validates against W3C doctypes and uses a table less layout. Fab bloody tastic. Hopefully other commercial site web designers will follow his lead. I don’t mean to go on about web design related stuff on this page but this site really did need a mention. Soon their will be a specific web-design based blog attached to the ‘Weblinks for designers’ mini-site.