Girlie Night Out

November 19th, 2002

Ever wondered why girls take so long to get ready? Now you can find out. The Girlie Night Out game reveals all! (literally).

Also, on the same site, a quiz to find out if you own your mobile or if it owns you! Have you ever..

placed your phone on a restaurant table alongside cutlery like it’s some kind of participant in the meal?

bought a fancy garish phone cover, supposedly as ‘protection’ for the valuable contents, but in fact chosen on the strength of it matching your nails?

downloaded “Oxygene” as a ring tone, and then every time your phone rings in public proudly letting it complete the whole sodding tone before answering it?

sneered at someone else’s handset because it’s larger than your model, which conveniently folds down into the size of a throat lozenge?

..and more!

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One Response to “Girlie Night Out”

  1. Mike

    Can’t be assed with some girl quiz but thanks anyways. However, on the subject on mobiles you forgot to mention that you can now own your own pet by phone – what the f***! Yep, that’s right bit like those Tamaguchi or whatevers. Basically you have to phone a number at £1.50 per minute for three minutes to register. That’s £4.50 to start – or more from your mobile! Then it’s normal rate for every “sit etc..” text you send to your ‘Pet’ and 25p for every text you reveive from your pet – make sure you don’t opt for a dog that lives its ‘electronic’ life to bark! Undoubtedly no end of saddy kids r gonna do this and keep those fantastic adverts in the papers!