Surprise surprise

January 6th, 2003

Cilla Black’s shock announcement that she will be leaving Blind Date is no shock to me. The show has gone from pretty crap to appalling over the last few years. The good ole’ days of harmless chaps from the street and OAPs looking for love in their twilight years has been replaced by wannabe TV stars and brain-dead idiots who think that insulting their dates will make them look cool. The new ‘live’ format is pitiful and makes a mockery of the traditional idea of a ‘Blind Date’ since the contestants can change their mind if they don’t like the look of their date! No more of ‘our Graham’ with his witty reminders and no more ‘what’s your name and where do you come from’. The show has gone down the tacky ‘Club Reps’ road: shit for shits sake. ITV is losing ad revenue, people are turning off from their shows yet they still think people want this stuff? Crazy.


4 Responses to “Surprise surprise”

  1. Shay

    And apparently she sought advice from “Our Bobby” who is of course dead and had to be contacted through a medium. Bobby thought it was a good idea also, so if dead people aren’t watching then what chances the living are. Still, I never was a fan. Apparently TV bosses are lining up one of these three replacements to host, Davina McCall (She annoys me), Dale Winton (he annoys me), and Graham Norton (he annoys me). Looks like I won’t be tuning in any time soon.

    Anybody still interested in dating shows would be best placed to watch “Would like to meet….” on BBC whenever it is screened. They take a complete saddo who has never had a date (take me for example!) and pinpoint where they are going wrong, ranging from body language to conversational skills to wearing the right attire. It can be very cringeworthy to watch but addictive all the same. I got the official book at Christmas and am currently studying the body language advice. Apparently if a girl holds your gaze for 4 and a half seconds she’s interested, either that or you are John Merrick!!

  2. Guy

    Er, you’re taking the piss right. A handsome oirish lad like yourself can’t get a date? Those dulcet tones would drive any girl crazy…

  3. S

    Sorry, had to post this to see additional comments. Please ignore.

  4. Steve

    I have to whole heartedly agree. Look at the shite ITV is churning out and then look at the stuff from BBC2 and C4 – The Office and Phoenix Nights – nuff said.

    Nice site by the way.