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January 25th, 2003

White Teeth

Just finished reading Zadie Smith’s ‘White Teeth‘. I had originally avoided the novel due to the massive amounts of hype it received in the press. It’s been out a while now (I always wait for the paperbacks – hardbacks dig in the my wrist RSI). It’s a big old bugger of a book – weighing in at 542 pages (some debut novel!). I was thoroughly engaged all the way through, though I don’t think I was clever enough to truly understand what Smith was trying to say. The plot revolves around three families: the Iqbals (Indian working class), the Smiths (white/caribbean working class) and the Chalfens (white middle class). The author dips in and out of the family history of the main two families (Iqbal/Smith) and ties everything together nicely at the end. Definitely worth a shot. I’m now waiting for her second novel – ‘The Autograph man’ to be released in paperback.

A Beautiful Mind

Settled down with ‘A Beautiful Mind‘ on friday night. A touching film about an extremely clever man who becomes really badly schizophrenic. Apparently it’s a true story. An excellent excellent film, let down only by the twat in the lead role.

Operator Logos

Seamus kindly sent me a new operator logo for my Nokia on friday. Not having received such an item before I opted to ‘save logo’ rather than ‘discard’. It immediately replaced the subtle ‘Orange’ operator logo with a bad line drawing of the ‘Simpsons’ courtesy of this totally free mobile tones and logos site. Strangely, Nokia don’t give you the option to have no operator logo. So I spent a couple of hours yesterday attempting to replace the logo with something vaguely better. In the end I went for a retro ‘Iron Maiden’ logo cos it’s so cool and ironic.


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  1. stan

    You can text restore to’377′ to restore the original Orange logo to your phone. costs the same as a normal text message