Continuing a theme

January 30th, 2003

After work this evening, I ventured into the greenhouse that is Milton Keynes town centre to feed my recent unhealthy fascination with 80s heavy metal band, Iron Maiden. When Seamus let me play on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City I heard ‘Two Minutes to Midnight‘ for the first time in at least ten years and immediately felt the need to replace my old vinal/cassette collection of Maiden albums with new ‘enhanced’ CD versions. So tonight I am enjoying the self-titled debut along with 1992’s ‘Fear of the Dark‘ and 2000’s ‘Brave New World‘ thanks to the 3 for £20 offer at Virgin. Helen thinks I’ve lost the plot and refuses to let me play them in the car. It’ll pass.

The daily site status report:

Email functionality is back (yipee!) and you can all once more contact me through the form on the contact page. That is, unless you’re with Hotmail (who I’ve now blocked) due to endless amounts of spam. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: get a FREE webmail acount. It makes so much sense.

Still no CGI acces, but PHP is running fine. The quick and dirty bodged ASP pages are still holding up well.