February 16th, 2003

Dean launched the first public BETA of his blogwriting software Textpattern yesterday. I’ve bravely decided to test it on the new, troublesome GuyWeb server. I was immediately fearing the worst when I saw that you need to change the permissions of two of the directories to ‘0777’. Yes, it wants a Unix box. We’re on a Windows box. Setting permissions Windows boxes is not easy. It’s easy enough if you’re the server administrator but as the humble webmaster, you haven’t a prayer. So I guess another email to Hostzone is on the cards to set some additional permissions.

Whilst on the subject of the state of this sites innards, we still still have no CGI access and thus, one month after the changeover, still no Movable Type. Agony indeed. Maybe we will have to move over to Blogger which was yesterday acquired by Google