Shock horror: Too much good TV!

February 25th, 2003

Last night I has the dilemma of choosing between five programmes that were on at exactly the same time (9pm): In Deep (BBC1), Nevermind the Buzzcocks (BBC2), Aircrash (C4), The Bone Collector (C5) and The Footage Bashir didn’t want you to see about Michael Jackson (Sky 1). We can only watch one thing at any one time in our house as we have no terrestrial signal and just one Sky digibox. We ended up watching the Jacko thing for ten minutes before turning over to ‘In Deep’.

The documentary was billed as ‘the footage they didn’t want you to see’ but was, in effect, a load of Jackson loving trite presented by a bloke called ‘Mary Povitch’ or something. No wonder Sky 1 got it, no other station would have touched it with a barge pole. Despite all intentions to the contrary the programme still made the man in the mirror look like a grade a weirdo. The other four programmes I would have enjoyed equally but could only watch one. ‘In Deep’ is a sort of series BBC rolls out every now and again in two partners. Martin Kemp’s ‘Serious and organised’ pales in comparison. If you haven’t seen it yet, episode two is on tonight.

By some cruel irony, there will be nothing to watch, as usual, on Wednesday night.