More power to Heineken

March 6th, 2003

Stephen comments on the fact that Heineken are to relaunch their beer. My brother, Hugh, told me about this some time ago and I totally didn’t believe him. Then, whilst visiting my local Safeway and Tesco superstores I noticed that for over two weeks, neither has had any Heineken in stock. I started to think that maybe there was some truth in what Hugh was saying. Now Stephen has unearthed the true facts, I’m looking forward to the new product. However, also according to Hugh, some pubs have replaced the beer with four-x as it’s much cheaper.

Hugh, I will not doubt your sage like ability again. You truly have your ear to the ground!


3 Responses to “More power to Heineken”

  1. Shay

    I was in the Swan, Woburn Sands on Monday night. Went to order a pinto of Heineken to find it had been replaced by Carlsberg if memory serves. If the barmaid is to be believed then they have no plans to get it back anytime soon!

  2. Guy

    Yeah, that was the news I had heard too. The thing is, if Heineken is going for Stella’s riot juice market, people who like a couple before a drive home are going to avoid it. Heineken, lke Carlesberg was always the bevvie for the casual drinker who wasn’t going to get pissed of an evening. I wonder how successful this move will be?

  3. Guy

    Seems as though my host has finally got around to setting the right time on the server! We’ve adjusted the blogs to reflect this. A couple of posts and entires will have the incorrect time that we used in order to compensate for the ‘pacific time’ setting that Hostzone were using. All’s well and good and back to our brandy!