Layout ‘issues’

March 11th, 2003

Stephen reports that the right hand links column on this site is now wrapping under the main, left hand column on IE5 (Mac). Since I haven’t touched the CSS file in the last 24 hours, I’ve no idea as to why this is happening. Anybody else having weird layout problems? Let me know.

This site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to manage the layout and design. The content is as semantic as I can make it right now using XHTML. Design fluff and bits and bobs are relegated to the CSS. However, seven years after CSS was introduced, certain browsers still don’t translate the spec correctly. So every now and then sites like this break. Rather than bodge my code up, I’m quite happy to wait until the world catches up. So if you’re missing the right hand column on occasion, know that at some point it will return.

Browsers that like this site (as of today): IE6 (PC), Mozilla 1 (Mac/PC), Netscape 7 (Mac/PC), Opera 6/7 (PC).

Browsers that don’t like this site (as of today): IE5 (PC), IE5 (Mac), Safari (Mac).

What bothers me the most is that IE5 (Mac) was always really good at getting things right. What’s changed?

Big John has done some fab work on this sort of stuff. I will pop off and read his stuff and (hopefully) become slightly more enlightened.


2 Responses to “Layout ‘issues’”

  1. Guy

    After a little fiddling, Stephen has discovered that having the second column float right of the first is better than have it floating left of the footer. The site he’s currently building uses this technique and it seems to work. I’ve just adopted it for this site. Still looking peachy in IE6(PC) and Mozilla.

    I saw first hand, the orginial problem, last night on Hughs’ sparkling Emac.

  2. Guy

    Well that was close, but no cigar. I’ve no increased the wrapper width by 10pixels to cater for any weird browser bugs. Awaiting Stephen’s reply…