April 25th, 2003

DIYNot: Woodchip paper is an inexpensive way of covering walls. It is a plain paper with a textured oatmeal surface, made by impregnating the pulp with sawdust and woodchip during its manufacture. It then needs to be painted and can be covered in a variety of coloured emulsions.

But why? Who decided this would be a good idea?

4Homes: Old wallpaper or woodchip paper can hide poor plasterwork. In severe cases, you might have to replaster, which can be expensive. In old houses with lath and plaster walls, boarding with new plasterboard might be the cheapest solution, but don’t expect much change from £200 a room.

To hide poor plasterwork – it’s all becomming clear now. Poor plaster, expense – £200. Hmmm. Woodchip. Paper which contains small chips of wood. It comes in varying degrees of coarseness and is normally used to hide defects in walls and ceilings but is quite suitable for any decorating. It is usually painted when dry and can be a cheap and effective way to give any room a facelift. It can even be applied outside-in for a different effect.

Yep, seems to back up what the previous lot were saying. ‘Cheap’, ‘hide defects’ – sounds great, eh? No.

UK Style: Stripping Wallpaper – It’s the most boring part of the decorating process, but getting rid of that old gloss-painted woodchip is the first thing to tackle if you want to redecorate. The good news is that a steam stripper makes the job easy.

They know the score. A splendid, illustrated how-to guide is found on their site. But I’m very wary. This whole ‘hides defects’ / ‘replastering’ thing scares me!


One Response to “Woodchip”

  1. andy

    Why is wood chip so unpopular in the UK whereas in Germany it is very popular indeed to the point were architects and interior designers specify it for many new buildings, the reasons are quite complex, how about this lot for starters,

    1 Woodchip is often carelessly applied to poor surfaces on which any product would struggle to look good.

    2 Woodchip has often been marketed through suppliers who would much rather sell a higher value product to the public and make higher profits.

    3 Woodchip has had virtually no advertising in the UK to maintain its popularity.

    4 It has become a victim of self styled fashion gurus who many people seem to believe are the oracle of good taste.

    I would like to argue that in actual fact woodchip is an excellent product,

    1 There are in fact many excellent design lines rarely seen in the UK that many would not recognise as woodchip, far superior to what has traditionally been available – see above for reasons.

    2 Woodchip is made from virtually 100% recycled material unlike lining papers non-wovens and vinyls.

    3 Unlike blown vinyls and the like woodchip is a natural product which allows rooms to breathe better for people and houses alike.

    4 Woodchip is relatively inexpensive, easy to apply without any specialist pastes, or ability for that matter and unlike many products the joints are difficult to see.

    No surprise then, that I can sell you some woodchip, I would be happy to send anyone out there who wants to decide what they like for themselves, free samples of woodchip grades some of which you may not know exist, just give me a call on 01777 707272 or e,mail me on

    Thanks for reading,

    Cheers, Andy