Doritos film clues: The return

May 16th, 2003

Stephen’s Doritos post has been resurrected on this site. You can add your suggestions, read other people’s and do all the stuff you could before. Stephen, meanwhile, must wrestle with the difficult beast that is Movable Type once more to get his site functional.

I had to take the Clio to the garage today as the leak in the roof is no longer amusing me as much as it has been. It was raining really hard this morning and I was getting really wet. Luckily I was prepared and wore my Helly Hansen sailing coat to avoid too much of a soaking. The car may also require a new clutch and will definitely need new tyres and the tracking sorting out (cheers to the Milton Keynes roundabout system).


One Response to “Doritos film clues: The return”

  1. Henna

    “Now Everybody Be Cool” is definitely Pulp Fiction. Just embarrased myself at Blockbuster with From Dusk Till Dawn