May 23rd, 2003

Geek stuff

I’ve just about managed to sort out the dodgy Photoshop web gallery templates so that they (nearly) validate as HTML 4 transitional. I say ‘nearly’ because there is still some code generated by Photoshop that the likes of me can’t hack into. That aside, it’s as near as dammit. I’ve managed to strip out the pointless tables and replace them with DIVs instead. The design is now controlled by CSS which will make updating the design in the future really easy. I will make available the code in the near future. If you want it now, contact me.

Other stuff

Shay’s mate needs a vote for his garden. Do him a favour and help him win the prize/kudos.

Happy 23rd birthday Tracy. Anybody in Southampton looking for a metallic night out should head down to the Old Fat Cat to buy the girl a drink.