Weekend in brief

June 23rd, 2003

Friday: Shay and Stephen joined Helen and I for a few cold ones at Buckingham’s premier hub of entertainment, The White Hart. Later, Mike and Darren joined us and on leaving, Darren and Shay danced a little Irish jig. Jon was evicted from the Big Brother house along with antagonistic Fed. The show will now lapse into tedium, the ratings will fall.

Saturday: Shay and I enjoyed a Tesco fry-up and Shay bought the new Harry Potter book. I’ve no idea what the fascination is with Potter but I’ve not read any of the novels, seen the films or listened to the Stephen Fry narrations. Maybe I should. I finally got around to buying some Bamboo for my garden from the Preston Bisset nurseries. I’m hoping a nice big screen will emerge in the next few years. Big Brother have introduced a novel twist in order to bring some interest back to the programme. Cameron is to swap places with a bloke from the South African BB house for two weeks. This could be interesting. Well done, you’ve got me back.

Sunday: Gave our two cars a much needed clean. The Clio hasn’t been washed since I bought it last November. The Punto may have gone longer without a clean. I used the traditional bucket and sponge method whilst my neighbour proceeded to wash his Shogun, Transit and Merc in the time it took me to do the Clio. He had some amazing jet wash thing going on. Needless to say, I was just a tad envious. I’d just cleaned the cars when it started to piss down for the first time in weeks and it hasn’t stopped since. Even so, we managed to have a BBQ at Helen’s parents’ place and all the fat I’d sweated out working in the garden and washing cars was nicely replenished. Got a rubbish night’s sleep last night followed by a soaking this morning.