Fight for your Digital Rights

June 27th, 2003

This scenario is becoming all-to frequent in my life these days:

I buy a CD at chart price (around a tenner). I take it to work to listen to it on my PC. I can’t unless I am prepared to install some new software which then lets me listen to copy-protected inferior quality MP3 or Wav files (usually at 44kbps or something else completely unacceptable). I then try to burn the CD in order to play the tracks on my Nomad Zen MP3 player. I can’t. Why? Because the ‘CD’ is copy protected. What do I do? I draw around the table of contents on the CD and it burns. Why? This is why.

OK, so it takes a little longer to prepare the MP3s for my portable pleasure, but I still do it. I mostly listen to music at work or in transit. I rarely use a proper CD player unless I’m in the car. Let’s stop these annoying record companies from doing this now. Fight for your musical freedom.