Lisa from Big Brother 4

July 7th, 2003

I have my own theories about Lisa, the new BB housemate. Either she’s really stupid, arrogant and ignorant or she’s a very good actress. Big Brother had become decidedly boring since the departure of Jon and Fed a few weeks ago. Then Lisa was injected into the show and she has certainly delivered some interest. However, she says she’s in there to win and she get easily narked with the other housemates. She’s intentionally attempting to wind up Steph and trying to crack on to Ray. She says things like ‘I’ve been knocked for my good looks in my time’, ‘I’m really intelligent’ and ‘I’m psychic’. She patronises the likes of Nush and isn’t too keen on Scott ‘cos he never sits with her. It just seems a little too set up to me. I think when she’s evicted next week it will be revealed that she’s actually an actress from the home counties who was briefed before going into the house as to exactly how she should act. If not, then she will be thoroughly hated across this fair land for being an evil bitch.