Oliver, Daily

July 31st, 2003

Dean Allen uses a cool technique for his daily photos of his dog, Oliver. He uses CSS to place the image of the dog perfectly in the middle of your browser window. This is achieved by making the image a background image. This is great as the minimal design always looks really good on screen. However, if you are going to use this technique for your own photo galleries, be aware that many browser have background images turned off for printing in order to save ink and give greater clarity to text on the printed page. So if you try to print a daily Oliver, alas, you will have no joy. It would be good if there was a CSS property that you could slap in your print.css file to make sure certain background images are forced to print. Apparently there is not. Shame.


One Response to “Oliver, Daily”

  1. Stephen

    Of course, you could always just remember to tick the “print background” box in print preview.

    Is that Mac only?