V2003 VIP

August 18th, 2003

Spent the weekend as VIPs at the V festival in Staffordshire courtesy of my generous pals Robbie and Michelle. We went up on Saturday morning and were set up in time for Tim Burgess sans the Charlatans. His solo stuff doesn’t even come close to The Charlatans’ anthems but it was harmless enough. He was followed by The Coral whereby my old mate Kev and his entourage joined up for a great gig. Helen and I then shifted over to the main stage to catch the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They were amazing as ever. Normally we would be shuffling back to our tents by now but on this occasion we had full guest privileges which meant we got to go to the after show party in the VIP area. Free champagne a-plenty and a number of Xboxes and comfy sofas were available all night. At around 12, The Coral bounded in and I engaged them in conversation about playing live on Top of The Pops. Apparently, Robbie got a few pictures which I’ll slap on here as soon as they’re scanned. The rest of Saturday night is a bit of a haze. I do remember ‘Matt’ from Hollyoaks ligging around the area though.

Sunday was a more sedate affair, seeing us nurse a few sore heads before finding some full fat filth for breakfast. Didn’t see too many bands as we were exploring the dance areas and generally chilling out. We did, however, see Echo and the Bunnymen who played a blinding 30 minute set. We left shortly afterwards to avoid the legendary traffic out of the place. This meant that we missed two bands I really wanted to see: Super Furry Animals and Coldplay. Not to worry. Considering we didn’t pay to get in you can’t really complain. I’ll catch Coldplay the next time round and the Superfurries are playing Southampton Guildhall in October. Photos are pending…