Out and about

August 27th, 2003

I’ve been here there and everywhere lately. Anywhere infact other than where a computer might be. It’s that time of year where I unplug myself from the net for a few days off. Not that the digital delights have run dry. I’ve been taking a few pics with my still below par Fuji Finepix digicam for your enjoyment. So we’ve got photos from Nicola’s BBQ on Sunday and photos of my garden (front and back) that still need attention. Please advise!

Saw Pirates of the Carribean last night and was thoroughly amused by it. Shay has a review and I share his opinions on it.


One Response to “Out and about”

  1. Shay

    Just had a thought. With the natural gradient in your garden you could have a little waterfall cascading into a small pond at the bottom of the garden! Expensive but cool!