Life continues

September 9th, 2003

Totally uninteresting things in my life right now…

Hugh is doing a weeks work experience at the place I work. He’s staying with us in Buckingham and inflicting his vegetarian food needs upon us. I haven’t had a vegetable curry for a while. They’re not too bad, just a little lacking in dead animals. Today I am actually starving hungry as I have a hideously painful ulcer on the bottom of my tongue and haven’t eaten for some time. I’m actually looking forward to that curry.

Talking of mouth pain, my troublesome wisdom tooth is going to be removed at the end of this month. This will bring and end to two years of intermittent pain. I wont miss the blighter one bit. Apparently they’re going to yank it out with me under some local anaesthetic. This means I’m gonna hear the crunching and taste the blood as it is wrenched from my jaw. No doubt it’s gonna hurt. I will ensure that I share this pain with you.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks lately and there are few signs of my diary getting any lighter. We’ve got weddings all over the place and other family socials that need attending.

This Thursday Shay, Stephen and myself will return to the White Hart in Buckingham to play pool and get just as out of our heads as we did last Thursday. Nice to have a backup routine for when there’s absolutely sod all good on at the cinema.

Last night I watched David Blane go into a box and was thoroughly bored by it. Then switched over to the live feed on sky one and continued to be bored by nothing happening. Tonight, however, channel 4 has a program about people who like to jump across buildings in London (like that geezer in the BBC advert) called simply Jump London. It promises to be good:

Watch them somersaulting, vaulting and tumbling in a thrilling journey across London, using some of the city’s most famous landmarks as their stepping stones.


4 Responses to “Life continues”

  1. Shay

    So am I to infer from the title of the post that me and T are uninteresting?? Sob sob.

  2. Craig David

    Oh it sounds proper Bo I tell thee, proper Bo! Me and kes will be there with the thee! Craaaaaiiiggg Daaaaaavid!

  3. Guy

    Nah, i couldn’t think of any other post title. Please donate one and i will retitle it!

  4. Guy

    Shay+Harper = time on hands.