Public fisty-cuffs

November 26th, 2003

(or how to ruin your web design credibility)

There’s a little bickering discussion going on at the A List Apart forum. You don’t need to understand the technical jargon to realise that somebody who has been given much respect form his site has lost it all in an instance instant (see the One Hot Minute post) by bitching about somebody’s else’s code.

In a way you need to wear two hats when you’re a web designer: 1. Your professional hat and 2. your personal hat. A List Apart is a site aimed at web designed professionals and as such you should expect professionals to read the articles and forums. So maybe it isn’t a great idea to be so bitchy and slaggy about a particular person. The person in question has backtracked on his initial fury but it remains on the forum like a bad smell destined to follow the person around for some time. Credibility down the drain. Bad luck.


4 Responses to “Public fisty-cuffs”

  1. Hugh

    Did you watch property ladder last night? Two words(hyphenated!) fuck-wit!

  2. Guy

    Yes I did. Five bedroom flat indeed! Have you ever hear of such a thing? And those windows opening inwards?

    The real classic was that tiny room with a window that couldn’t be opened due the bed being in front of it. But that that was good becuase you’d fall out! What an idiot.

  3. Pedant

    “lost it all in an instance”?

    No, should be “lost it all in an instant”.

  4. Guy

    Is all this proofreading for free?

    Gotta stop writing this site whilst listening to my Zen at high volume.