One Hot Minute

November 27th, 2003

The new Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Peppers’ (cheers to Pendant who is currently going through my site and proof-reading it for me for FREE! How topical) compilation almost completely ignores the “One Hot Minute” album just like their live set has since John Frusciante rejoined the band. The token OHM track on “Greatest Hits” is the downbeat “My Friends” whilst the classic “Aeroplane” is sacrificed for non-entities like “Otherside” (where exactly did that chart anyway?) It’s a strange selection that includes two new tracks. The new single (one of the new tracks), “Fortune Faded” is a very good number that rocks with the best so I’ve got no beef about that being included. In fact, the who package of CD and DVD is very good. I still wonder why the band fails to acknowledge the Dave Navaro infused One Hot minute album yet are quite happy to play some of their really old pre-Frusciante (the first time around) material. Bizzaarreee!


11 Responses to “One Hot Minute”

  1. Chris

    Nice site guy 🙂

    *the MJ fan* 😉

  2. Chris

    Nice site guy 🙂

    *the MJ fan* 😉

  3. Guy

    Hello Chris. Thanx. 🙂

  4. Shay

    I like the Californication album best…cos it sounds like???

  5. Guy

    …four mates having a laugh?
    …a return to form?
    …the beach boys (er no, that was “By The Way”)

    I give up Shay, what does it sound like?

  6. Shay

    I forget now…had a minute ago….

  7. Guy


  8. Shay


  9. Guy

    Get some sleep.

  10. Pedant

    “Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s compilation”?

    No, should be “Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ compilation”.

  11. Guy

    I like it! The grocer’s apostrophe surfaces once again.