Happy New Year

January 5th, 2004

Here’s to a great 2004. I have 17 New Years resolutions that I may detail here later. Some arn’t really resolutions, more of a to do list but the usual eat less, exercise more stuff is on there.

This year I plan to redesign the site. Judging by previous years I’d say the odds are stacked against me actually doing it but the intention is there. I also plan to add a proper portfolio section to show off my work. We shall see.

Helen and I enjoyed an excellent Christmas and New year in Buckingham. It was a relatively low-key affair compared to last year and we both got colds during the holiday. Helen had it on the run up to Christmas and I had it on the run up to New Year. Luckily most of it was out of my head by New Year’s Eve and I was in a good enough condition to get well and truly sozzled.

How about you?


4 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Tracy

    Oh tell us! I’m dying to know how you could possibly have that many!
    I’m gonna have a guess:
    1: Fitness
    2: Cut down on booze
    3: Start growing own weed
    4: Purchase own ladies clothes and stop pinching girlfriends
    5: Renew membership for “spandex wearers monthly”
    6: Own your very own ferret
    7: Learn cantonese
    8: Buy villa in iraq
    9: proposition the queen
    10: Meet Rolf Harris
    11: Hold your very own tupperware party
    12: Give up working
    13: Meet Alan Titchmarsh and ask him why he always has a “semi” on his show (eugh)
    14: Learn how to make your own sausages
    15: Own a red faced spider monkey and teach him to mix drinks
    16: make your own paper
    17: Become a plumber

    Did I match any?!??
    Hey we could turn this into resolution bingo!

  2. Guy

    Well you got 3 right (in a way!). Bet you can’t guess which 3!

    The monkey idea is inspired and i may have to add it to next year’s list. I’ve always wanted a monkey. I have visions of have a wise old tamarin monkey in a wheelchair living in my house. He has a tartan blanket to keep his elderly legs warm and smokes a pipe. He also has little wire frame glasses with no glass in them. I’ve installed whellchair access throughout my house to accommodate the little fella. He’s pretty wise but never speaks (fer chrissakes he’s a monkey!).

    So, what are your resolutions this year?

  3. Tracy

    Mine are the usual:
    get fit (cycled to work today and went swimming yesterday and this morning)

    Start a martial art (started kickboxing last night)

    Gamble more! Have never been to a casino so am going to one on Saturday!!

    All looking good but I may be skint by the end of Jan!

  4. Guy

    Yeah, skinny and skint!