House of grime

February 2nd, 2004

I’d always thought that the griminess of some of the homes featured on Channel Four’s ‘How Clean is your home’ was, to a certain extent, embellished. That was until I saw the state that my mother’s outgoing tenant left her house in. Thick layers of dust and stringy cobwebs suggest that no cleaning had taken place in the last year since they’d moved in. Mum said that they hadn’t had time to clean before they left. To which I replied – most people clean during the year rather than leave it all until the spring!

As regular readers may have guessed, we went down to Southampton this weekend. Despite saints losing 3-2 to Manchester United, we played a much better and exciting game and near the end had Shay’s beloved manc team supporters on the edge of their seats.


One Response to “House of grime”

  1. Shay

    I have to admit you had us on the ropes there at the end! Was glad to hear the final whistle! Still, three points and an excellent debut for Saha…