One down, many to go

February 17th, 2004

[Bigger version]

Here’s a screen shot of the first of many sites rolling of the Guy Carberry web design production line. It’s for a technology course here at the OU. It’s taken me a few days to fully realise the design but I’m fairly satisfied with the result.


[Bigger version]

This is an internal page from the site with secondary navigation on the left.

Brief overview

The site uses an Aqua style interface with an aim to look a little bit space-age. I think it achieves this aim fairly well. It’s pure XHTML/CSS throughout and the tabs along the top use the fabled FIR (Fahner Image Replacement) technique. However the transistions use background-image positioning to avoid flicker in IE. All fascinating stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. The site wont be available unless you take the course but I’ll see if I can put an edited copy online for all you webby people to feast upon.