Confessions of a Dangeroud Mind

February 18th, 2004

Last night’s DVD and Spanish Beer drunk through slices of Lime session has left me with a lethargy like none I’ve never experienced before. At least not whilst at work anyway. It’s strange that yesterday I was fretting over the masses of projects I’m toying with at the moment yet today I can completely wipe them all from my mind. Well itÂ’s a little weird actually since all the projects I’m working on here, at my actual work are either half-baked ideas with little room for me to make decent progress or they’re projects that I need to consult my fellow colleagues on. But no one is around. They’re all off user testing.

User testing is something we do on a fairly regular basis because we’re considered to be somewhat experts in the field. Different departments come from all around to drink from our fountain of knowledge. Today and yesterday have both been user testing days and plenty of students have been in and out clicking around sites whilst being studied like lab rats. I haven’t been involved in this particular session. Instead, I’ve been left to my own devices. Yesterday I took advantage of the quiet time and pumped out tonnes of work. Today I’ve done precious little. I guess if you average out my workflow from the last two days it’d be consistent with my average so that’s fine. However, I really must get a grip of school-night drinking.

We watched a DVD called Confessions of a dangerous mind. George Clooney directed it (his first I’m told) and he roped in some of his old buddies from Ocean’s Eleven to play bit parts here and there: Brad Pit, Matt Damon as well as proper characters: Julia Roberts. It’s about a guy who invented the blind date TV format getting a job as a CIA hitman for some extra pennies. The main characters played by Sam Rockwell and Drew Barrymore were excellent and hugely entertaining. As I’d never heard about this film before I didn’t have any expectations but it was great. Worth a watch if you like that sort of thing.