Fit to wed

August 2nd, 2004

1 scrambled egg, 1 slice of wholemeal bread, small bowl of mixed nuts and seeds, tuna and mixed bean salad, yoghurt, pork chop, veg.

I’m experimenting with a new dare I say it “diet” in order to mould my body into a presentable form for the impending wedding. You could say that daily office work has done-in my body somewhat. Since I’m only 25 or 26 (not sure which – gah!) we’re not talking double heart bypasses or anything but there’s mucho fatto on my belly to shift in the next ten months. I detailed my last dieting attempt on this site some time ago. It was a rubbish attempt. No will power at all. But my ex-boss has managed to slim down on an Omega 3 style diet of his own making. The proof laid bare for all to see makes me keen to try. I never fully trust those bods on TV who get into their old fat person togs to demonstrate their amazing weight-loss but I do trust seeing somebody I know revealing more believable results.

I’m trying it now. I’m also exercising more. I plan to reveal my daily consumption here. It may become tedious but I’ve gotta get realistic – your wedding pics stay with you forever.