The monthly update gesture

March 7th, 2005

The busy period continues and shows not signs of slowing down. So many more apologies for not updating often. The wedding plans are moving swiftly forwards as are the ever-so-slightly worrying stag do preparations. Of that, more here later. I have toyed with new designs for my blog but am waiting for Textpattern to launch so I can finally make up my mind as to what I’m gonna dump MovableType for. At the moment, WordPress 1.5 has the edge over Textpattern but then Textpattern still hasn’t launched. We shall see.

My good friend Stephen‘s site is getting hacked on a regular basis due to his host’s poor security. He’s now being asked to pay them to restore his MySQL database. A little out of order methinks but he’ll hopefully move hosts ASAP. I’d thoroughly recommend Textdrive for second-to-none service.

Congratulations to my longest serving pal, Matt Sapiano for getting his PHD in meteorology related stuff. Dr. Sapiano I presume?

Apologies to The Warm who continue to wait for me to apply changes to their website. Believe me, I’m on it.